What I do, and why it's different

In comparison to other Beta Readers, I am very thorough, mainly because I can't help but comment. Other Beta Readers offer separate services such as proof reading and copy-editing. My style is more like a developmental editor, challenging you as a writer to help you see where your manuscript could go. I'm harsh but fair, I note when some opinions could be down to personal style and when others are keeping in mind the industry. My ultimate goal is to help you improve your manuscript and take it to the next level. 

Here's how I work.

- I read through your entire manuscript, writing side comments as I go. Those comments are a mixture of critiques, my genuine reactions as a general reader, analysing structure, noting character developments and so on. 

- Then after I've read your manuscript I will make an overall 'editors report', where I comment on the work as a whole piece.

- Finally, after scanning your work again, I give you my conclusive notes, which is where I think about the future and what I feel your next steps should be, whether that's giving you tools to make your next edit easier/smoother, to thinking commercially. 

I like to be a person that writers can depend on, rather than some cynical stranger on the other end of a computer screen. So if my services sound appealing, I could be the Beta Reader for you. 


The part you're probably dreading! Finding editors and readers can be so expensive which is why I try to provide as much help as I can. For what I provide, my rates are highly competitive. 

I am currently offering a discount of:


    £1 per 1000 words 



I am happy to use PayPal or whichever method works best for you. If using PayPal, please note that there is a small transaction fee of £2/3

Preferred/ experienced genres







Literary Fiction 



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