What is an Editor?

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An editor is basically providing, in some shape or form, what every writer is desperate for:


Services tend to vary from proof reading to copy-editing to developmental editing. As a writer, you have to find out what is best for you. 

You may be asking, why can't I simply edit my own work myself? Why do I need to pay an editor?

The truth is, even editors get their own work looked at by other editors, because even they may miss the odd typo, or need that second or third opinion. 

Plus, how many times has someone suggested that you should take a chapter out or change a character, and you just haven't had the heart? Writer's novels are like their children, and sometimes it can be hard to criticize your own work! An editor is there to be completely subjective, and to help you make those difficult decisions in editing. But how do you know whether you've found the right one...? 

Have you ever paid for an editor, and been disappointed by the level of comments they've given you?

Have you resisted going to an editor, because the ones you've found are extautionate and you're working on a budget?

Have you ever been scared that your work will not be respected, and that an editor just wont understand your vision or voice?

The common answers to those questions, are why I became an editor. Take a look at my services to see if I am the editor for you.